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Published by Stacey Nunn
May 09, 2022

As we enter into the 2nd week of the 2022 league season, hope everyone is happy to be back and enjoying bocce!  We would like to remind you of some of the rules.  These rules are not new (some are a result of COVID) but we now have improved ways to identify and enforce them.  We really do not enjoy recording forfeits, so we will over-communicate the rules.


All persons who play must have a waiver on file.  This is a requirement from the City of Concord and our insurance carrier.  Players who play and do not have a waiver will result in a forfeit to their team for each game they played. You can find the online waiver link on both our website and Facebook Group and there are hardcopy forms in the sheds at both Baldwin and Newhall. 


Only players who are on the roster can play.  Playing persons not on your team roster will result in a forfeit for each game they played.  Playing new non-rostered players may also mean they are playing without a waiver.  To update your roster, send an email request to [email protected].  You will receive an email with a link to update your roster.  There are hardcopy forms in the sheds at both Baldwin and Newhall.  Forms must be submitted before new players play.

Individuals cannot play on multiple teams at the same court location Monday-Friday.  The exception is that Sunday Newhall players can play on another Newhall team Monday-Friday. 


Scorecards must be filled out in their entirety.  Each capo must sign the scorecard, indicating that they agree to its contents.  Names should be printed legibly and appear the same as on your roster as either the player name or nickname.  Do not leave lineups blank; write “same” if it is the same as the previous lineup.  It is difficult to determine the player status when the lineup is blank and may result in a forfeit.

Thanks you!
CBF Board