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Published by Stacey Nunn
Dec 13, 2022
In the past years, we have allowed players who play on Sunday to also play on another night at Newhall Park. Effective in 2023, this will no longer be allowed. Players can only be on 1 team at Newhall Park, Sunday through Friday. This change will impact about 14 players from 2022. These players must decide which team/night they wish to play on; they can only be on 1 roster at Newhall.
The CBF Board determined that the original reason for allowing Sunday players to play on multiple nights no longer exists today. In addition, this will allow more players to play in our league.
Players may choose to play on one or more of these options at the same time:
  1. Sunday - Friday at Newhall Park
  2. Monday - Friday at Baldwin Park
  3. Tuesday Seniors at Baldwin Park